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The primary role of TXOGA is to represent your interests before the state government in Austin on matters involving taxes, regulatory policies, safety standards, unemployment compensation, environmental affairs, as well as other energy related matters. To accomplish this, the Association turns to its strong member supported committee structure which mobilizes industry representatives with expertise in various fields to deal with specific problems. In addition, the Association conducts the most comprehensive public information/media affairs program for the oil and gas industry in the state. 

One of the greatest benefits in joining the Association is participation in TXOGA’s influential, issue-driven committees that work on a wide range of issues from endangered species to taxes. Committee participation is open to Sustaining and Formula category members paying a minimum amount in annual dues set by the Board of Directors. 

As a member, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of partnering with the leading oil and natural gas companies in the state, nation and world. Besides the strong role TXOGA plays in legislative, regulatory, judicial, and public affairs, our Workers Compensation Safety Group has saved member companies millions of dollars.

As a member, in addition to personal contacts, letters, and telephone calls, you will be updated through a variety of emails and advisory material dealing with specific concerns and developments relevant to the Industry. In addition, Association members are sent a daily news clip email, TXOGA News, and are granted access to the members’ only section of this website to receive legislative updates, bill analyses, as well as RRC and TCEQ updates, proposals and more.

You will have access to member benefit programs, including the extremely successful Texas Oil & Gas Association Workers' Compensation Safety Group, one of the largest groups of its kind in the State.  You will also be entitled to member rates to attend Association meetings and seminars, including the Lone Star Forum, a gathering of top oil and gas producers in the state. The Forum serves as the principal forum for public discussion on issues affecting the industry by leaders of government and business.  In addition, TXOGA's yearly agenda includes technical and issue driven meetings, retreats and Association committee meetings.

All you need to begin your participation in the Industry’s Association is to CLICK HERE to complete a membership form and an Association representative will contact you. 

304 West 13th Street Austin, TX 78701
(512) 478-6631